Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Whitening Tips should know

I would like to share some tips on whitening , as most of Asian ladies put more efforts on whitening than hydrating. Every lady love to have fair and radiant glowing skin.

Quoted from the famous artist host "Lil S-- Xiao S" revealed that her marriage got sweeter and her husband love her more no matter mentally or sexually , when her skin get fairer and having the radiant glow~!

She also reveals that men(mostly Asian) actually adore ladies with fair and radiant skin, rather tanned skin. Including myself, I too wish to have fair skin, but with radiant glow, not pale fair skin--that's not a healthy skin tone anyhow~.

Thus coming with these tips, I hope to share with you, so that all of us who wish to have radiant fair skin will make the dream true!! ^^

Keywords for whitening :
1) Spots.
-- Spots grows under a lot of reasons. Some spots grow with growing age, but some are underlying spots that haven't been awakened.

-- Whitening care is not "seasonal" topic anymore, it is a "long term" topic. To prevent spots covering, we need to apply some SPF products and whitening mask/skincare products.

2) Prevent pre-mature aging skin
-- Once this step is done in an effective way, then whitening effects will double up!!
-- If skin starts to age, the whitening effect will be affected and limited.Thus for whitening, we need to prevent aging too!!

-- Our skin turns dark, aged, all are caused by external affections . Thus, for better care for whitening and prevention of aging, ANTI-OXIDANT is VERY IMPORTANT!!

3) Hydration
-- Once skin has enough hydration, the whitening essence will be more well absorbed by our skin.
Thus, fully hydrated, fair, radiant skin you will have !!

To have better whitening effect on our skin after using lots of whitening products, We need to take note of these:
1) Fix scrubbing to remove dead cells for better absorption
2) Anti oxidant to prevent pre-mature aging skin
3) Fully and enough hydration for better absorption of whitening essence
4) Apply SPF products on day , and whitening care eg mask/essence on face at night for repair
NOTE: it's a long term application, to have fair skin all the way~ !!

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