Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tea Tree Acne Free Gel Moisturiser

Tea Tree Acne Free Gel Moisturiser
Travel pack (5ml) - RM5
Normal pack (50cc) - RM24

  • Suitable for normal, acne, oily and sensitive skin.
  • Help deep clear your skin
  • Gently help refine and replenish skin
  • Hydrates skin with moisture
  • Anti-acne and control oil-balancing
  • Better blood circulation

P/s: I was using emulsion for the previous brand of beauty product and ended up my beautician told me that emulsion is way too much for me. And cause of TOO HYDRATING...my skin appears to be dry at the outer skin and oily at the inner skin. And she advises me to use GEL type for moisturiser. Somehow I wasn't suitable for the product at my facial salon and I tried out this..and it works quite well for me.

Use after cleansing and applying toner. As it's gel type, it won't be oily. Massage on face till it absorbed. You don't need to apply too much to cover all face.

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