Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Products List

MyBeautyHouse -- We-Have List
Must-Have Beauty Accessories

1) Assorted Hairbands (colors come in pink,blue, orange, yellow and purple)
2) Mask brush
3) Facial sponge

4) Acne/blackhead needle

5) 160pcs Good Quality Facial Cotton

1) ORGANIC EVOO honey scrub (20g)
2) ORGANIC EVOO honey scrub (50g)(with spatula)
3) Intensive Blackhead remover and pore minimising serum(5ml /10ml/ 20ml)
4) Tea Tree Acne Free Gel Moisturiser (5g/ 20g/50cc)

5) 3In1 Rose Hydro Whitening Renewing Facial Gel Scrub(5g/20g/50g)
6) Scar Lightening & Whitening Acne Cream (5g)

Mask series

GreenTea Anti-Oxidant Mask (50g/ 100g)
Cucumber Hydrating Mask (50g/ 100g)
Collagen Eye Mask (5g)

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