Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2nd Wave of New Products Launching -- Series1

First of all, thank for all the supports we get from blog,email, and forums.
We are now able to introduce more new products and more functional beauty products (salon line) at more affordable price.

Here we go for the Series 1 : ---- Moisturising Series

For Moisturising series :
We have 3 New products :
  • Aloe Vera Nourishing Emulsion
  • Double Hydration Gel Moist
  • Facial Whitening + Hydrating Toner

  • Cucumber Hydrating Gel Scrub

Aloe Vera Nourishing Emulsion
5ml = RM5
50cc = RM22

Ingredients: AloeVera extracts, Vitamin E , Rose Buds Oil
Effects :
  • the moisture in aloe vera helps injects high nutrition and hydration into different types of skin.
  • helps skin to return the its best condition.

  • helps moisture skin in time.

  • helps refine pores and remains the elascity of skin.

  • helps more in nutrition absorption.

  • Use after applying your selection of toner, apply an amount to skin and massage til it's absorbed.

  • Can use both on face and body as body lotion.
Double Hydration Gel Moist
5ml = RM5
50cc = RM22

Ingredients: Collagen , H20, Plants extracts.

  • helps hydrates dry skin
  • increase the injection of hydration into our skin
  • helps in water balancing in skin.
  • helps reduce blackheads and acne , refine skin.
  • Use after own selection of toner, apply an amount on face and massage until it is absorbed.

Special tips:
  • Especially recommended for sensitive and acne skin, because it carries a lot of hydration which helps to calm redness down, besides moisturising.

Facial Whitening + Hydrating Toner
5ml = RM5
50cc = RM22

Ingredients : H20,

  • helps refine pores
  • injects hydration into skin in time to keep softness of skin and elascitiy of skin.
  • prevent dryness of skin
  • suits all skin
  • also helps in whitening.
  • Use after cleansing, spray onto face/facial cotton, massage until it is absorbed.
  • Use day and night once at each time.
  • Can also use as mist to keep skin moistured.

Cucumber Hydrating Gel Scrub
5ml = RM5
50cc = RM22

Ingredients : Cucumber extracts, Vitamin E

  • Cleanse pores effectively
  • gently remove dead skin cells
  • helps in skin blood circulation
  • anti oxidant and prevent pre-mature aging skin
  • adding elascitiy to skin and makes skin glow and smoother
  • Use after cleansing, apply an amount on face and massage for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse after feeling your face do not have any residue.

Special tips:
  • Specially suits dry skin , there's a feel of tiny sands of scrubbing, which wouldn't hurt.

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